Give Your Child the Gift of a Catholic Education


As parents, we all want the best for our children - to nurture them, challenge them, and set them on a path to thrive. If you live in the Raleigh and Eastern North Carolina region, I urge you to consider the exceptional value of a Catholic school education offered through the Diocese of Raleigh.


Parents across eastern North Carolina have witnessed the tremendous academic, spiritual and emotional growth of their students in our Catholic schools. Beyond the strong curriculums, what the Diocese of Raleigh schools provide is an underlying moral foundation rooted in Gospel teachings and values. The schools instill habits like discipline, respect for others, service to the marginalized, and care for creation.


Another differentiator is the strong sense of community shared by students, parents and staff in Diocesan schools. Because most enrollments stay small, tight-knit bonds form and there is greater individual care given to each child. Bullying is rare when kids are taught to embrace human dignity.


Catholic schooling does require significant financial commitments from families compared to public schools. For children’s personal development and future prospects however, we see it as money well spent. It’s also been heartwarming to see each parish, school and Diocese as a whole work diligently to make Catholic education accessible to families from all backgrounds through tuition assistance grants.


If you have ever wondered if a Diocese of Raleigh Catholic education is right for your son or daughter, I passionately believe the answer is YES. Schedule a tour at your local Catholic elementary or high school to experience the community firsthand. Your child’s full potential awaits!