St. Patrick Catholic School

Fayetteville, NC
St. Patrick Catholic School building

A Message From the Principal

Welcome to Saint Patrick Catholic School! Our school is the oldest private school in the city of Fayetteville, NC, and serves students in Pre-K 4 through 8th grade.

Saint Patrick Catholic School opened in 1937 as a parish ministry of Saint Patrick Catholic Church with an enrollment of 33 students. Four Sisters of Providence staffed the school as administrators and teachers. Today, the school has 226 students and over 30 staff members.

The faculty and staff are dedicated to partnering with you, the parents, to help your child grow and succeed in their faith and academics. As a school and parish community, we encourage our children to be lifelong learners.

The school follows the academic standards set by the Diocese of Raleigh and offers advanced math to the 8th grade class. Special classes are offered to all students including weekly Spanish classes. 

Please call for more information 910-323-1865 or go to our website ( to schedule a tour.

Ms. Christa Larkin


The mission of Saint Patrick Catholic School is to nurture each child as an individual in a caring, Catholic, Christian environment, so that his/her uniqueness can contribute to God’s plan for the world.


Our Catholic faith is intertwined into everything we do at Saint Patrick Catholic School. Students attend Mass weekly and serve the community at that Mass by being altar servers, readers, cantors and the choir. Each month a class leads the school in praying the rosary. Advent prayer services are held weekly and led by the students on our student council. Outreach projects include Loaves and Fishes, Catholic Charities Baby Shower, and Rice Bowl just to name a few. As a faith-based school, we pride ourselves on following the Golden Rule!


Saint Patrick Catholic School (SPCS) uses the standards set forth by the Diocese of Raleigh. All of our teachers are certified in the area they teach. An advanced math class is offered to some of our 8th graders. Special classes include media, music, art, computer, and physical education. Additionally, students have Spanish twice a week.  Benchmark testing using iReady is given to students in Kindergarten to 8th grade. At Saint Patrick Catholic School our Catholic faith is intertwined into all subject areas.


Extracurricular activities round out the Catholic school experience at Saint Patrick Catholic School. Our sports program includes boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball, as well as cheerleading. Clubs are offered after school to all of the students. The students are able to partake in Kids in Sports II, Chess, Battle of the Books, Yearbook, Choir and Newspaper. We participate in the Cumberland County spelling bee. Additionally, we have a student council to engage our students in decision making.


Year the school opened: 1937
Number of students: 226
Number of days per week students attend Mass: 1
Average class size: 23
Teacher/student ratio: 1:15
Tuition assistance: 90 scholarships available

1620 Marlborough Road
Fayetteville, NC 28304
United States